Freitag, 25. November 2016

“ At first I wasn't sure if this was some kind of German birthday tradition …”

More and more international artists are joining us and use SofaConcerts for their tour across Europe, and so did Duncan Woods from Australia. As soon as Duncan registered on SofaConcerts he was enthusiastic to share his cheerful music with hosts around the world. His music reminded us of Jack Johnson and after a short period of time he confirmed his first gig. Duncan travels through Europe with his guitar and backpack for a couple of months every year to inspire people with his music. We met him at one gig in Hamburg and he told us about his different experiences with SofaConcerts. This story moved us in particular; so we don’t want to withhold it from you:

Duncan was invited to the home of a young couple in a small town of Germany where he had never been before. It was a warm summer evening. That same day Duncan played a gig in Nuremberg and was late to catch his train. However, he managed to get there with some delay and when he finally made it to Würzburg, nothing could go wrong anymore! The host’s father picked him up at the train station and brought him to the couple’s garden, where the concert was to take place.
Just a normal SofaConcert: a living room, some friends and an evening full of music. At least, this is what Duncan thought until then… But everything turned out differently ;)

When they entered the yard, there were beautiful lights hung up everywhere, small tents and benches. It was like in a movie; everything looked so beautiful and the people were lovely. Nevertheless Duncan had a strange feeling: he felt that something was going on, but thought that it was just a mixed feeling due to his delay. Everything was well prepared and it seemed like everyone was waiting for him to get things started. When Michael seemed a bit nervous Duncan thought it was just because of Maria’s special day – her birthday. He had no clue how special it would become…

Just as he was about to start playing he saw Michael getting down on one knee in front of Maria. This was the most awe-inspiring moment anyone could have had. The guests were gasping and looking at each other, all of them were surprised. After the first round of excitement was gone, everything went quiet; all eyes were on Michael and Maria, waiting for him. As an Australian, Duncan wasn't sure if this was some kind of German birthday tradition. The thing is Michael had kept his plan very secret from everyone including the musician.

“Maria, will you marry me?”

He had just popped the question. Michael was on one knee and looked at her expectantly. She couldn’t keep her emotions to herself and started crying as soon as the first words from Michael’s mouth were becoming real. She managed to spill the word with a trembling and tearful voice “Yes, I do!”. People began to cheer and congratulate the couple with so much joy! Afterwards, a bubble of happiness was covering the evening.

Then it was up to Ducan, to to recover from the surprise and kick the party off with his music and jumped straight into a set mashing up all the love songs he could think of into one medley. For him, being caught up in this moment with everyone and being able to add his music to the atmosphere was priceless. The proposal added a new ripple of excitement to the party. People were full of joy and buzzing to have been a part of this unforgettable occasion!

I had such a great night with the newly engaged couple and their friends, you could really see in their eyes just how happy they both were with each other. It could not have gone any better.” Duncan

What a wonderful evening. At a SofaConcert anything could happen! What were your favorite moments? Tell us about them and send your stories to
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