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Unite people from all over the world with a house concert!

Australia, USA, France, Sweden, United Kingdom – It's incredible that every day, more and more new artists from all over the world sign up with SofaConcerts! We think it’s a perfect time to take a closer look at some of them and present you to some of our favorite international artists. So, let's get inspired by our international musicians today and turn up the volume!

Meadows - Sweden

Meadows is definitely our artist of the week! - Within two weeks he has gone from 500 to 40.000 Facebook fans. We are so proud Meadows! But how did he manage that? After several published singles, the singer-songwriter recently released his first EP, "The Only Boy Awake". The titular song was used beautifully in Netflix's new series, 13 Reasons Why. Wow! In the last few years, the Swede has traveled with his guitar trough Scandinavia, Germany, England and America. He writes songs that start quiet and end in a true sound storm - a mixture of folk and pop. We have already seen him live and are in love! Musically Meadow's is great and he is also a very nice and friendly person who makes your living room concert unforgettable!

Katey Brooks - United Kingdom

"Katey gave us a fantastic performance, she has a fantastic voice and some great songs. Highly recommended!" said Gallagher's Nest, a SofaConcert's host. Katey Brooks is a singer and songwriter from London who writes folksongs with alternative, soul, and blues elements. She grew up in a family of musicians who often traveled, and spent thus time in Bristol, London and Arizona in her youth. You can especially hear this cultural mixture in her unique sound with her self-written, lively lyrics. In the last few years, Katey celebrated some big successes, but she still finds her inspiration for writing on the streets of the world and the people she meets on her travels or concerts. Now, Katey is back in the studio to finish her latest album "We Are The People", which will be released by the end of the year.

My Glorious - Austria

We continue with an indie rock trio from Vienna comprised of Sami Goodenough and the twins Gregor & Paul Saile. My Glorious are the living room concert band par excellence! Think rock in the living room would be unthinkable and way too much noise? Definitely not. Even if they are loud on big stages, they can also delight living-room concerts or garden open-airs with a small unplugged session. Last month the band released their new single "The Dark Idea", always with the aim of meeting open ears touching and inspiring people with their music. One of our hosts, Klavierreich said, "Our barn was rocked by My Glorious with hot, loud, and soft sounds. Everybody in the crowd was swept away by the boys and their music. It was also cool to get some knowledge about the background of the songs. "

Juda Jay - France

How about instead of folk and indie, we send some some hip-hop to your ears! Juda Jay grew up in California and now lives in Paris. He mixes his West Coast influences with different flows and melodies – he creates deep songs that require some thought, but at the same time he writes some wonderful good-mood songs for laughing and enjoying life. Through his music, Juda Jay embodies his version of the American Dream - doing what you believe in, hope and you doin’ it your own way. Juda Jay also let French rap flow into his songs, so he gives the listener an insight into the French culture, too. Very cool!

Ryan Tennis - America

The songs of Ryan Tennis invite you to dream and enjoy. The American has already been around the world many times – he has toured through Switzerland, Argentina, Germany, Australia, Colombia and Ireland – and sweetened many people with his music. He describes his own music as a road trip to a new place with a good friend, so his songs are sometimes heart-warming ballads and other times funky-soul reggae songs. One of our hosts, Jannes Willrodt had this to say about Ryan Tennis, "This Dude rocks! Saw him many times now and organized some gigs for him. Every time a unique show with heart and spirit. You should definitely meet this talented musician cause he´s a fine human being, too! "

Little Strike - America

Next, we come to one of our newcomers, Little Strike - an Israeli musician named Tamar Dart, who moved to Miami with her parents at the age of fifteen because of the political situation in Israel, now she currently calls Philadelphia her home but also was after her study a year in China, Thailand and Nepal. Do you remember Dido? Her voice reminds us of her somehow, but Little Strike makes folk music with electronic elements and lyrics in English, Spanish, Hebrew and French. Now you are exited? Then listen in!

Kaurna Cronin - Australia

As a small child, the Australian Kaurna Cronin was always surrounded by music. The reason - his parents were very much into live music and they traveled often in a Camper with him from festival to festival. As a result, he came in contact with the music genre, which has influenced him to this day: Folk. Cornin's unmistakable sound comes from mixing his soft voice with instruments like his guitar, drums or a harmonica. This mixture has already given the Australian three high-ranking awards and many great performances at festivals or clubs in his hometown of Australia, but also in Europe. Lean back and enjoy his latest song with us!

Shanti Powa - Italy

For the end, we have something upbeat for you! Shanti Powa, one of our newcomer bands, who have recently registered from Italy, is made up of twelve members that make funky hip-hop with influences of reggae and dancehall music. During their music career, they have already performed in many corners of Europe and now they are working on their third album. In the summer, they are also back on tour in England, Germany, Italy and maybe even soon in your living room.

You like the artists? With SofaConcerts, you can invite any of these artists to perform in your own living room or maybe you are going on holiday soon and you will want to make special a living room concert? Here you can see how SofaConcerts actually works and here why it is great to do a living room concert.
If you want to discover more, new international artists - no problem! Then have a look on our website, there is something for you!

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