Mittwoch, 16. November 2016

An extraordinary sofa concert with BOSSE!

Imagine you invite an unknown country artist to your living room…
…and then a pop star walks through the door – undercover!

This is exactly what happened to Conny and her guests.
It’s Friday night. In a cozy living room in the heart of Germany, twenty people have gathered to enjoy some great music with their friends and family. Conny, the host, has wanted to bring a sofa concert to her apartment for quite some time. The grey weather and the urge to see her friends have given her enough reason to invite one of our newcomers, Jimmy Folks, to her home. But let us take you back two weeks …

The atmosphere is thrilling. Everyone in the office is smiling and excited. Find something you love and then do it every day. Well, we found something we love - we love to surprise lovely people with great music and now it is time to do it again. The idea was finalized and we were ready for our next stunt. Our plan is to invite a well-known German pop star, dress him up as a country singer, and let him play a sofa concert “undercover” for a clueless host. Said and done. We all are extremely excited and just like that Axel Bosse walks through the door of our office. Cheerful and relaxed he introduces himself. “Let’s do this!” he says and then everything changed. Our office tables were exchanged for a dressing table, the grey sweater was now a checkered shirt and the cap, a country hat. 

In no time, Pia our make-up artist, turned BOSSE into Jimmy Folks. With the help of a fake beard, fake hair and a little bit of make-up, he now looked 10 years older. A new country star was born. The only thing missing was a profile on our SofaConcerts platform. A profile picture was quickly taken, some feedback was written by us, and our new artist of the week was chosen. Now patience was the key…We waited for two weeks when a call came in. “I just got booked!” shouted Aki alias BOSSE through the phone. Perfect!

19:45 pm – now back to Conny. The excitement in the room builds and soon the concert will start. But where is Jimmy? Ah finally! The doorbell rings and Conny opens the door. There he is. A friendly kiss on each cheek and off he goes in to the living room and quickly sets up the instruments. A short introduction is given of Jimmy, his pianist, and his guitarist and then he launches straight away into a classic: “Leaving on a Jet Plane”. His voice is beautiful and the harmonic sounds calm the guests. Almost everyone has their eyes closed and their feet start to tap to the rhythm of the music. 

“The next song is from Hamburg.” says Jimmy and the first chords begin. Some of the guests seem to recognize the song as it begins. The chorus starts and from the other side of the room you can hear whispers. “That’s not possible”. “The voice sounds so familiar” says another. Who would have thought a country musician could sound so much like BOSSE, the original singer of the song? Everyone is totally impressed. The voice is so similar and the moves too, but then again, he doesn’t look anything like BOSSE. Or does he?

Slowly Jimmy starts to undo his beard. Everyone is looking at each other. Could this be possible? No way. Next, the hair and the hat have to go. Is this real? Gasps, claps, shouts. WOW! This is not Jimmy. This is indeed BOSSE. Who would have thought the night would turn out like this? A well-known German artist in Conny’s living room – Conny and the guests sure didn’t expect anything like this. BOSSE is really here. They still can’t believe what is happening. He plays a few more of his own songs and after that he stays to talk to everyone and take pictures. No one in this living room will ever forget this night. It is a good thing we also have it on camera, so that you can see for yourself….

Aki you were the best, thank you so much for this great experience. It was a pleasure watching you become Jimmy Folks ;) We want to say a big THANK YOU to all the people who were involved in the making of this wonderful project. Only with the help of our accomplices was this was possible! You guys were amazing! J

To share our happiness and gratitude with you, we have something special for you! Until the 30th of November we are going to set Jimmy’s profile free once again and if you invite him to a sofa concert in the next two weeks you will have the chance to win a hand signed CD from BOSSE! J Good luck!