Donnerstag, 8. Dezember 2016

Feeling at home

In a few weeks, we will be dragged into the madness of Christmas, if it hasn't begun already. The lights will shine brighter than before, the smiles from seeing the people we love will stick to our faces, laughing and loud voices will echo in our houses. At least we hope that it will be the case for you too  
There is one thing about this special time of the year, that we can neither hear nor see, but we can feel. There is this feeling, the feeling of being back home, of taking the time for our loved ones, an indescribable warmth which enters our hearts when we experience it… 

“This is where I feel home!”

One of our devoted host's, Sophie, contacted us  for a recommendation to plan her next Sofaconcert; Both her step-sister and brother will be traveling home for Christmas: her step-sister from Cape Town and her brother from HeidelbergHeidelberg. And all of her other friends will be home for the holidays as well. How will she manage to visit all of them and spend a great time together? Well, what is a better occasion than to surprise them with a SofaConcert! 

So, you know us by now… We jumped on the occasion and asked Sophie what is this feeling of “coming home” ...

Sophie & her brother
Whether it is with her brother, surrounded by Christmas lights and the soft crackling noise of the wood from the chimney or in the summer, outside in the garden repairing a used canoe with her dad… When Sophie thinks about home the first thought that comes to her mind is her parents’ home. She comes from a beautiful city where there are always many things happening and one can find any event that suits them...Welcome to Hamburg! Even though for years now, her parents’ home has not been the place where she lived, she gets the warm feeling of knowing that someone is always here for her and welcoming her with opened arms. She always feels welcome  and can just relax and switch off her mind …

“You can be yourself and feel secure when you are there. You know, it’s like this feeling when you know a song by heart and you can sing along loudly – forgetting the time and the world around you.” For Sophie, “Oft gefragt” from Annenmaykanterey describes perfectly the feeling of being home and for a reason, this song hits her right in the feels…

“You are still my home,
You are always my home
You've picked me up and took me there
Woke up in the middle of the night because of me.
I've often thought about it lately
You are still my home,
You are always my home
I have no home, I have only you
You are home forever and for me”

And that is probably right. The feeling we have during Christmas is a special feeling because we take the time to see our loved ones. And that is the feeling of coming home – it is a feeling of being with your friends, with your family and the people that are important to us, where time is not ticking anymore.

All your friends are coming home during this special time, either from the other side of the world or from the next city. Use this time! This happens only once a year. Make something out of it, spend some time together, share laughs, share memories and why not plan a SofaConcert to reunite your friends?
This is what Sophie planned this year, to get the maximum time with her friends and family. Because you don’t get that chance all the time:

Instead of choosing food as the main program, I really recommend from the heart to opt for a Sofaconcert! No, it won’t be too noisy. No, the artists are not drunk rockers! Yes, it's better than to be in the crowd at a concert! And yes, it is unique and unforgettable!”  

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