Dienstag, 8. September 2015

On the Sofa with: Young Chinese Dogs

!! The new album "Great Lake State" is out just now !! 

When we first experienced Nick, Birte and Oliver on their SofaConcerts tour last summer, we were immediately intrigued by their charm, jokes and the fun they have on stage. Now they just released their new album and we are thrilled to hear that most of the songs on it were written during that same tour - on your sofas, around your kitchen tables and in their tour bus! We can't wait to hear more of them!

Three powerful voices, two acoutic guitars and one cute minitature piano is all they need to create their unique sound - a fusion of indie folk with rock'n'roll vibes. Once you experience them live, you'll notice at once: Not only are they a perfect match in terms of music but also in terms of friendship! Maybe this is exactly why we can't help but like them so much!

SofaConcerts: "Nick, Birte, Oliver, great to see you again! Tell us: What was your favorite SofaConcerts moment?"

Young Chinese Dogs: "It was at our first SofaConcert we did in Stuttgart. When Andi of "Die Fantastischen Vier" happened to show up at our gig and we eventually ended up getting totally wasted with Andi by the end of the night. Stuff like that only happens on SofaConcerts!"

SC: "What or who inspire your music the most?"

YCD: "Books, movies and of course everyday things that happen to us."

SC "What was the soundtrack to your first heartsickness?" 

YCD:  Nick: "I guess I shouldn't say that but it actually was Shakira's 'Underneath your clothes'. I still love that slide solo and key change."
Birte: "It was Notwist 'The invcredible change of our Alien' and 'Milk' from Garbage."

SC"At the moment you guys spent your time in the studio to work on your new album. 
When is the best time for SofaConcerts-hosts to invite you again into their livingroom?"

YCD: "We loved how we could try out new songs in such intimate settings and get honest and direct feedback. So I guess the perfect time is during a creative phase. Cause all those things that happen during a SofaConcerts-Tour are so inspiring. It helps you write more and better songs and value what you accomplished so far. 
BTW: Our new album 'Great Lake State' is out just now, so feel free to get your own picture of our lyrics. ;-)"

SC "Thanks a lot for this interview and congratulations to your album! It's running all the time in our office!"

Now it's up to you! Check out their music and tour dates and remember them when you plan your next concert! àinvite Young Chinese Dogs now!