Dienstag, 28. Juli 2015

On the Sofa with: Nature in the City

"Thanks for this unforgettable concert" // "It was so beautiful ..." // "A special and soulful band."

Did you know "Nature in the City"? We really think you should meet these two guys from Berlin and enjoy their special and emotional music. We love their songs and asked them a couple of questions for you:

SofaConcerts: "What was your favorite SofaConcerts moment?"

Nature in the City: "We played in an inner courtyard in Berlin and the acoustics were super nice. This is a bit technical, but Johannes and I were trying to hit the resonance of the court yard during one of the songs. Must have been the right key! Once we found the pitch, the court yard sounded like a big speaker and was being extra resonant. And a lot of the people had to laugh at this acoustic phenomenon. That was great, because even thought these were just musical shenanigans almost everybody got it."

SC: "When did you start learning your first instrument and what was the reason for it?"

NiC: "Johannes comes from a musical family, so string instruments were around all the time. 15 years ago he picked up the upright bass. He also plays the drums. Robin started out with 9 years of alto sax, but found his passion for songwriting in 11th grade and since was inseparable from his guitar."

SC "What was the soundtrack to your first heartsickness?" 

NiC: "Coldplay, the whole 'Parachutes' CD!"

SC: "How did you come up with your band name? Is there a story behind it?"

NiC: "Robin was standing on a roof top in Boston one morning. The sun was coming up over the concrete jungle and he was wondering what it is exactly that connects all human beings within that jungle. It was then that he recognized himself and the others as being part of nature. As a homage to that thought, he came up with the name 'Nature in the City'."


SC "Thanks a lot for these inspiring answers! Keep up the good work, we hope to hear much more of you!"

Now it's up to you! Check out their music and tour dates and do remember them when you plan your next concert! àinvite Nature in the City