Dienstag, 9. August 2016

Make Your Home a Stage - SofaConcerts' latest suprise video

Sunday afternoon. It’s a hot afternoon in Hamburg, one of the sunniest days in a long time. Everyone is enjoying the sun, people are strolling through the city, eating ice cream. But what is this? A sofa right in the middle of downtown? “Make yourself comfy… and enjoy!” – is written on a sign.

What about you?
Would you have been curious enough to take a seat? See the result and what happened to those who did!

So what is this all about?
Well, as you may know we love good music and how it can move people no matter who they are and where they are from. We teamed up with singer Marvin Brooks and had the goal to surprise random strangers with his music. But how can you surprise people these days? Well, the couch causes a stir already. 

As soon as someone would take place on the couch, we were ready to start: From all sides, our friends and helpers came along and carried in things. In less than 15 seconds an entire living room would have to be set up.

Let the music begin!

But this was not the end! Things kept happening fast: Marvin Brooks came around the corner and surprised everyone with its incredibly powerful and soulful voice. Just a few seconds later his guitarist joined him. Then a cajon player followed, plus strings and a wind section came in. Even the children's choir of Lukulule e.V. joined the spectacle.

And then?

Well, remove everything as quickly as possible and wait a new for unsuspecting "victims". We felt so much excitement and joy and saw loads of faces beaming with happiness. The reactions were as unique as every person who took place. From the elderly man to the two friends, the small family and another couple with their cute dog, everyone was amazed, some even started crying!
We had prepared the campaign for quite a while and got very creative:  We built living room walls, wallpapered them, carried furniture through half the city, rehearsed with the kids... everything had to be right on the spot on that day. We were very excited.

But there were uncertainties, too...

anyone take place on the sofa? Who would be curious, who would be too busy? Well, our worries were unnecessary. Many passers-by stopped and watched the spectacle from the side on. No wonder, Marvin's music swept everyone away. For several hours we surprised the passers and brought many smiles to the faces.

A great, but also exhausting campaign lies behind us. Quickly bring the sofa back to the van and no one will suspect that we were even there. What remains is a great video that will remind us all of this amazing day.

Thanks to this wonderful crew!

We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you again to all of our friends, helpers and the film crew. Only with your support we were able to make this happen. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Who would have thought, that a living room wall could be so heavy… ;) The blisters on our fingers will remain as a small reminder of the action;)
A special thanks goes also to VERY US for their great support and their significant contribution to the realization.

And what about SofaConcerts?

So what do we do when we don't organize fun videos? Well, we still allow people to have a great time with live music - in their homes or on whatever stage they can imagine. On our platform www.SofaConcerts.org you can dicover great artists and invite them to perform for you and your friends - in short: To make your home a stage!

Find out more about how this works exactly: